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MASA Legal Services

Our Goals

  • To support MASA members by providing general legal assistance in employment-related legal matters, ranging from contract inquiries to job-related legal issues and proceedings.
  • To support MASA members by providing timely legal advice and information to the membership.


Our Program

  • The Missouri Association of School Administrators will:
  • Assist members in resolving questions regarding their employment contract.
  • Assist members with day-to-day legal issues that arise in the school setting.
  • Provide general counsel, legal financial support and attorney referrals to assist members in responding to employment-related legal disputes and proceedings.
  • Provide timely information to members regarding current case law and statutory changes affecting public education.


Legal Services for MASA Members

  • Working in partnership with the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP), MASA employs a full-time Director of Legislative Advocacy (Scott Kimble) who also serves as an attorney.  Mr. Kimble is positioned to directly serve MASA and MAESP members in the following ways at no charge:


  • School Law Resource – MASA members may contact Scott Kimble by calling the MASA office at (573) 638-4825 to secure answers to general school law questions.



Please note that during the months of January through May (legislative session),

this legal service will be substantially limited.


  • Legal Assistance Program – MASA members with individual or employment-related questions may contact Mr. Kimble for assistance.  Mr. Kimble will not assume responsibility for serving as the personal attorney for any member but will be available to provide the member with general legal assistance, aid in identifying legal rights and responsibilities, and if requested, provide the member with information to secure a personal attorney.
  • Model Contract for Superintendents – MASA members may contact Mr. Kimble to receive a copy of the MASA model contract. MASA members may use this document as a guide in contract preparation.
  • Contract Advice – MASA members may contact Mr. Kimble to discuss the MASA model contract and/or to receive advice concerning their contracts.
  • Legal Financial Support Program – MASA provides $1000 to reimburse members for legal expenses incurred in defending employment-related legal proceedings, in accordance with the criteria stated in this brochure.  (See “Financial Support Policy Criteria.”) Additional financial support is available to individuals who are members of AASA, The School Superintendents Association. 


How to Request Financial Assistance

  • Notify the MASA office by telephone or in writing that you need legal assistance, including a brief description of the problem.
  • Depending on the particular facts, MASA may request additional information.  In such cases, please provide the information in a timely fashion.
  • When requested, send to the MASA office all receipts for legal expenses incurred.


Program Exclusions

  • The following areas are excluded from the Financial Support Program:
  • Criminal matters of any kind.
  • Civil matters that are unrelated to one’s official job duties
  • Bargaining unit negotiations.
  • Management decisions whose defense is the responsibility of the school district or its insurer.
  • Other matters as described in the criteria stated in this brochure or as otherwise determined by the MASA Executive Director.


Financial Support

Policy Criteria


  • MASA provides $1000 to a member for legal expenses incurred by the member in defending challenges to his/her contract.
  • The $1000 will be paid upon submission of a receipt to the MASA Executive Director verifying that the member has incurred at least $1000 in legal expenses and submission of satisfactory evidence demonstrating that the member’s contract has been challenged.
  • If the member is awarded his/her legal fees as part of the settlement reached in litigation, he/she shall refund the $1000 to MASA.
  • The legal proceedings for which assistance is requested must involve issues that are of general concern to the education profession.
  • If a member has access to other legal assistance, that assistance will be considered primary and MASA will not contribute assistance until that source is exhausted.
  • An additional factor to be considered is whether the claim is duplicative, repetitive and/or previously responded to in any school district.
  • If a request for assistance places MASA in a position in which the interests of members are in conflict, then MASA reserves the right to determine whether or not to provide support.
  • A member will be eligible to receive assistance only once for each legal dispute. Legal proceedings that extend beyond the calendar year are considered part of the original proceedings and not eligible for additional assistance.


To learn more:

Doug Hayter

MASA Executive Director

Phone:  573.638.4825




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School Administrators

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Phone:  573.638.4825

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